Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have a new tumblr, whoever cares to know.

I'm on it frequently! Send me a message or something! I even have anon on, if you'd like.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Okay, guys, I legit haven't posted anything in months. It's because I don't really see the point to it anymore, for me at least. Honestly, I'm more of a story lover and maker than just writing about my life. My life is pretty boring. So hey, I'll post the link for my tumblr so you guys can still see that I'm alive every once in a while. Warning though, I post a lot of fangirling on my tumblr. But hey, you were the one that came to my blogger in the first place and wanted to know about me. And my tumblr is more me, with all its different stories and gifs and sadness and loveliness. Sometimes I post my artwork too, if you wanted that.
Take a looksie! The ask box is always open and always has the anon option.

Monday, February 6, 2012


My mind has officially been blown.
I’ve been asking myself for a while, why does it matter if we follow what God says instead of what we say? I’ve been trying to challenge myself to give an honest answer. Yeah, I do love God. But if God loves me, why is it a big deal that he wants me to do strictly what he wants? If he loves us, why doesn’t he want us to do what we want, what makes us happy, if only for a short time? I mean besides the whole parental “he knows what’s best for us” thing, what’s God’s reasons to want us to lead a good life that’s meant for him? So I was thinking about it just now. 
Laying in bed, with a hugely stuffed nose, still a little drowsy from a few hours of nap. A situation that’s happening in my life right now isn’t going how I expected. But I’ve been trying to make it turn me into a better person. Therefore, I’ve been asking myself how I can make this situation better by changing myself for the better. What are the things that I can work on about me that would make me a better person? How can I make my attitude better? How could I change for the better how I talk to people? Or how I think of things? Or how do I get better at being strong? How do I get better at being loving or compassionate? How do I get better at being calm? Or listening to people? How do I get better at portraying in my words the love that’s in my heart?
And then I realized. We all want to be better people right?  We all strive to make people comfortable around us. To be noble people. To be people that others can love. We all want love from people. We have to make ourselves lovable. If we follow God, that’s, like, the best thing we can do to try to be better people. If we dedicate our lives to something that’s better than just us. Just plain old me. If I dedicate my life to something bigger than me and just myself, that’s step one on being a better person. Sure, I’ll have to work to maintain it. But if I give up my life for a noble cause to fight for, that’s already showing the kind of person I am. That’s already showing that even though right now I only have a pinpoint of patience, in the future I can have worlds of patience because I’m not living just for myself. I’m not being self-serving or selfish, I’m giving up my life for God, for Jesus, because (1.) he gave up his for me. And (2.) That’s what will make me a better person that can grow, evolve into someone noble. That’s what’s worth it.
I have no idea if that made any sense at all. Take a soldier for instance. Someone who’s fighting for our country, fighting for us. He’s giving his life for a bigger cause than himself. And everyone knows that that is seriously one of the most noble things anyone can do. And rightly so. The soldiers that lay down their lives for us every day is astounding and heartbreaking to know that someone who doesn’t even know us will go out and fight for us like that. So why don’t people see missonaries and people that sincerely live for God like that? It’s the same thing. People who lay down their wants and their desires for what God wants, because it’s effecting the whole world, it’s being completely selfless. God wants us to follow him because he wants us to be good and noble people! People who will fight for each other, people who are selfless! So if we do what we want, how good of people are we really? Do we want to be noble people? Or are you a selfish person? Do we want to live for God's bigger purpose? Or do we want to live for ourselves?
I have no idea if that even made any sense.

Friday, January 27, 2012


So I have this friend, Liz, that wanted me to draw her so she could hang it up at her graduation party. I think I'm pretty satisfied with it. It looks a lot like her.